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Pet Bounce Dogs and Cats Health

Pet Bounce Dogs and Cats

Pet Bounce is an all-natural, plant-based homeopathic blend designed to help alleviate the symptoms your pet may be experiencing safely and without side effects. The Trial Offer is available in all authorized countries ...

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welcome everyone Top Healthy Shop here there are no shortcuts when it comes to burning fat but there is something at
you can be doing at home to increase your metabolism what makes this topic so special is that you do not have to cut chop mix or blend.
anything you’re going to be using the simple spices that you have in your kitchen these spices are gonna kick up the metabolism of the body to help you lose inches and burn fat there’s nothing easier than to reach for a spice take the lid off and just sprinkle I thought I said that right just sprinkle so I want to review with you the best inexpensive spices that will increase your metabolism so he can lose those inches in other words I want you to get the best bang or your buck cumin is a grated junk to add to your meals to help promote weight loss by reducing fat cells cumulating thus leading to not only a stabilization of your weight but also to remove those inches cumin burns calories faster by increasing the speed of the metabolism as well as improving digestion add cumin to your cooking soups your chili rice beans lentils or vegetables cinnamon will boost metabolism.

your body uses more energy to process the spice than it does for other foods cinnamon will increase insulin sensitivity and decrease blood sugar both key components for losing weight and controlling type- diabetes sprinkle ground cinnamon on your oatmeal milk yogurt tea or even cottage cheese turmeric will speed up your weight loss by boosting your tabble ISM this yellow colored spice is warm and it will increase your body heat your body will also benefit from its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

sprinkle your turmeric on soups fresh vegetables and nuts my favorite super spice is cayenne peppers it has capsaicin in it this has powerful metabolism boosting properties this will increase the amount of heat your body produces making you burn more calories it does this through a process called diet-induced thermogenesis which causes an increase in your metabolism so put this on any food to help spice it up ginger not only helps digestion and nausea it stimulates metabolism which leads to increased calorie burning ginger will promote that feeling of fullness and it’s very calming to your digestive tract it also has anti-inflammatory benefits and will help get your blood flowing so mix that ginger in your smoothies make ginger tea as well as your vegetables poultry and fish mustard seed is known to do wonders for your body it’s a powerful tool in weight loss.

it can boost your metabolic rate by over % within hours it has many positive effects on your endocrine system so use your mustard seed in your salad dressings your sandwiches steak fish eggs curry pastes sauces and stews black pepper or known as Tipperary a compound found in black pepper increases body heat or thermogenesis this enhances metabolic performance and suppresses fat accumulation in the body the Pipper rain and black pepper will increase the absorption of turmeric when used together it’s extremely important that you have a good diet you’re drinking lots of water getting enough sleep and doing some exercise so now you have your tools those spices to boost metabolism and to lose inches start mixing those spices in your foods and
you will have a fat burning experience please share this with your friends and family leave your comments below and
most important make it a great day I’m Irfan ullah Founder of Top Healthy Shop.


welcome everyone Top Healthy Shop here in my

opinion all foods are drugs now the main

difference between the drug that you’re

thinking about versus a food is that

food generally has nutritional value in

a drug does not although you can be

addicted to both of them so things like

sugar are a drug technically speaking

but the human body is adapted to it and

we need sugar and what about the coffee

that millions and millions of people

drink worldwide caffeine is a drug even

though we drink it we really do not need

it and it doesn’t provide a significant

amount of nutritional value it does not

give us more calories of energy nor is

it used to build muscle like proteins so

when it comes to your health you have to

look at the difference within the food

is it healthy or is it unhealthy meaning

is it detrimental to your health so

regardless of what pharmaceutical drug

you take or food that you eat it does

have similar pathways it works

biochemically it still affects the cells

of your entire body most people find it

easier to go to a doctor to try to look

for that quick fix with some kind of

drug that requires minimal effort to

take versus altering your lifestyle

where you are forced to evaluate the

food or drink choices that’s best for

you the big problem is that most people

who go to their doctors their time is so

limited they’re not getting enough

information about your condition so how

can they treat you nutritionally so

because of time it’s much easier for a

physician to recommend something to

treat your symptoms but it’s still not

getting to the root or the cause of your

condition so the bottom line is that you

need to become more proactive

good nutrition preserving the health and

wealth of your body so be aware of your

sugar addiction drinking too much sugar

if it’s soda or fruit juice which we say

fructose that can cause pre-diabetes and

insulin resistance eat those healthy

fats like avocados olives and nuts avoid

those processed junk foods eat real food

instead those processed foods will trick

your brain into overeating and that will

promote food addiction and many people

leading to weight gain eat your fatty

fish the omega-s are extremely healthy

for the cells of your body make sure

you’re getting enough sleep that will

strengthen your immune system and help

repair the cells within your body make

sure you hydrate and drink lots of water

daily the majority of your body is made

up of water eat your fruits and

vegetables they’re loaded with prebiotic

fiber vitamins minerals and many

antioxidants keeping a positive attitude

exercising a few times a week and

maintaining those stress levels will

help that body repair and heal so you

can live the life of your dreams please

share this video with your friends and

family. I’m Irfan ullah


welcome everyone Top Healthy Shop here I have something very exciting to share with

you today to help your body burn that

belly fat to help your system control

hunger as well as many other health

benefits only using two tablespoons of

two ingredients scientific evidence

suggests that only two tablespoons of

olive oil a day can reduce coronary
heart disease and that is due to the
high amount of monounsaturated fat found
in that olive oil olive oil is rich in
vitamin E it supports normal nerve
conduction and plays a significant role
in immunity it’s been shown to increase
good cholesterol and lower bad
cholesterol and it has high polyphenols
to prevent platelets from clumping
together that cause heart attacks and
stroke these healthy monounsaturated
fatty acids helps lower insulin
now this hormones programmed to turn
excess blood sugar to belly fat and by
choosing these monounsaturated fatty
acids that will help your belly shrink
much faster now if you look at the
people in other countries associated
with the Mediterranean diet those people
who live on olive oil you’ll notice that
the vast majority of them have less body
fat and it’s hypothesized that oleic
acid a fatty acid and olive oil
regulates the enzyme which favors weight
loss and one thing that you will notice
is that if you have any kind of
constipation you’re in luck because the
fat’s in olive oil will help smooth the
insides of the bowel making it easier
for stools to pass we often hear that
protein and fiber can help control
hunger but olive oil is equally if not
more powerful remember it’s
seventy-five percent oleic acid and this
substance is shown to help us feel
content for hours longer between meals now we all have heard the dangers of too
much salt but I want to touch on the
Himalayan pink salt this is packed with
over  trace minerals and elements as
opposed a table salt that’s ninety seven point five percent sodium chloride the Himalayan pink salt is shown to create an electrolyte balance within your body it strengthens bones lowers blood pressure and helps improve your circulation the Himalayan salts helps improve your digestive health so your body can absorb nutrients and food better this will allow better digestion which leads to better metabolism resulting in more effective fat burning toxins in your body hinder internal processes which can mess up your hormones hormonal dysfunction is the most common reason of weight gain so here is what you need to do you’re going to take one tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil I want you to add a pinch of Himalayan salt and I want you to take this before your first and last meal and most important is your morning dosage so
if you’re going to start with one dose
make sure you do it in the morning I
prefer you use extra virgin olive oil
it’s healthier you’ll take the olive oil
as well as a pinch of the Himalayan salt
pour it into one tablespoon and you will swallow it you can adjust the amount of Himalayan salt depending upon your taste but by using this Himalayan salt with the olive oil to me it is delicious I am excited for you because I know you’re gonna see great changes but please make sure you’re eating a healthy diet exercise getting enough sleep and maintaining your stress levels please share this Article

with your friends and family.